Friday, April 2, 2010

Hurray, the three day weekend is here! It's been kind of a long week, but a productive one. I got my crafts done for the hippe party next weekend. Dan was a huge help, and I'm happy with how they turned out. I don't want my mom to see any surprises, so I'll include pictures after the party next week. Let's just say, though, that I may have an idea for yet another new hobby.

I was very excited for today. The radio station here does an Easter Keg Hunt - they hide 98 empty kegs around the city and each one is worth a prize. Grand prize is $5K, but other prizes include a PS3, concert tickets, gifts cards, and other cash prizes. I was all gung-ho and said I was going to go out hunting since I'm off work, and then I lost steam. I realized I'd have to drive around aimlessly looking for a keg. I guess I just don't care that much. The awesome thing is, the whole Easter Keg Hunt gets wrapped up tonight with a free concert at Dave & Buster's. We're both pretty excited to go, it'll be something fun and different from the ordinary Friday.

I also got the skirt I ordered for the party in the mail yesterday. I ordered it on Etsy from a seller who placed an alchemy bid for a hippe patchwork skirt. Huge bummer! I love it and it's beautiful, but it doesn't fit at all. The seller is being really awesome and is offering to fix it for free, but of course I'm worried that even with Express mail, it'll be back in time. Stupid me, I never considered vanity sizing or standardized clothing charts when I gave my size. As much as I don't like to get down about myself and am trying to accept my body as is, I have to admit I'm a little heartbroken at realizing my true standardized size. I hate feeling so down on myself, and I feel guilty for not always making better choices with diet and fitness. I really just want to be happy and comfortable in my skin. Funny all the emotions that something as simple as a skirt can bring to the surface.

The rest of the weekend we'll probably spend relaxing. We're going to Dan's parents' house on Sunday for lunch, and I'm bringing a yet-to-be-determined dessert. I saw a great recipe on Bake at 350 that I might try out. I also have some homework to get done - I only have 5 assignments left!

How are you spending your weekend?


Amanda said...

Easter Keg? HAHA! I love the name. But I can't imagine driving around town searching for anything aimlessly!

Salt said...

Oh my gosh! They do Easter Kegs down in DC! Or they used to, but I always thought that was the coolest idea. I wish I didn't have a job so I could go hunting. :)