Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Friday Musings

It's Friday! This week has been really slow. The days have crawled, and I kept thinking it should be at least Saturday by now. So, here's what's been up.

- Our friend drama blew up even more. It's hurtful and it sucks, but we're learning who our true friends are. And the protective side of Dan has really come out. Warning to all, don't mess with that guy's wife :)

- As awesome as Dan is, he has a habit that drives me insane. He tends to be really careless about time. We were getting ready to go somewhere the other day - it wasn't an appointment or anything. He just told his friends we'd be there at 6. So at 5:15 when I got home, he told me we had to leave in 30 minutes. Fine. At 5:35 (10 minutes before leave-time) he asks if I'm going to get ready. At 5:43... he gets in the shower. Um, what?! We're supposed to leave in two minutes! All of a sudden, being there at 6 apparently doesn't matter. It just drives me - being a rules-follower - a little batty.

- People say really awful things to infertile people. I try to chill because I know not everyone knows about us, but as a note to all of you out there, "but don't you want a family with your husband?" is not a polite question, and it makes you look like an ass-face in front of all your coworkers. Or a douche canoe. Take your pick. And this isn't the first time I've heard such BS. TJ was with me when a pedicurist said (in her Asian accent, so I'm saying it as she did) "your husband okay you no want his kids?" She's lucky I didn't kick her.

- Did anyone watch the Diamond Jubilee this past weekend? It was so incredible. I just love the royal family and find the whole idea of a monarchy fascinating. I want a Diamond Jubilee of my own one day, and I invite you all to mark your calendars to celebrate with me on June 28, 2041. Please bring a dish to share. Anyway, my mom was watching it, too and we were texting a little back and forth. To show you the kind of random crap I know, she asked me what the royal family's surname is. And I knew, without the help of Wikipedia, that in general, they use Windsor, as they're from the House of Windsor. In general, though, they aren't given a surname and for the most part, they don't need one. People just kind of tend to know who they are. For military purposes, the princes use their father's territorial designation as a surname, so Prince William uses Wales. I don't know how that changes as he's now the Duke of Cambridge, but I imagine he kept Wales for simplicity's sake. The more you know.

- Speaking of June 28th, my birthday's coming up! Dan asked me the other day what I want, and I honestly have NO idea. I always like to shop, so gift cards are awesome, but I know people like to give things. I just can't think of a thing. Help me think of things.

- You know how there are foods that you love, but you only really remember how much you love them when you have one again after a while? Yeah, one of mine is Saltines. And Dan bought a box the other day.

- Every once in a while, Dan takes over my Kindle and plays Draw Something on my behalf (sorry to any of you who've gotten any of his wacky drawings). I find it totally hilarious to watch because he'll sometimes draw a bunch of random stuff and then whatever the thing he's supposed to draw very last. Anyway, he was playing with a friend of mine who was having a rough time conceptualizing what she was supposed to draw because she started over a few times. When it was Dan's turn, he drew absolutely random crap for 5 minutes (the game timed him out, folks) and the following conversation occurred:

            Me: Poor Kel. What's the word you're drawing?
            Dan: Leopard
            Me: Are you going to draw one?
            Dan: Nope.

He then asked me over the next couple of hours if Kel was able to guess the word. Um... of course she did, because I texted her and told her what it was. We were at 98 correct guesses in a row, I wasn't about to give that up :)

12 days to my Chicago vacation. I think I can make it...

Have a great weekend!


Shana said...

The shower thing...John does that all. the. time. It makes me crazy. You know what time you have to leave and you are home early enough...just get the hell ready. Why wait until the last second? Men!

Once someone told me that I was selfish if I didn't have a child. In this case, it was during a conversation about whether or not I wanted to have kids. But the person who said it had no idea what my situation was. She was kind of a jerk all around.

And for your birthday...might I suggest a plane ticket to Georgia for the following day? I hear there's a Shana/Ally weekend (and a baby shower) happening then. Adding a Brooke to that would be awesome!

Brooke said...

That would be so awesome, Shana, but I'm in Chicago from the 20-24th and just can't swing another trip so quickly. I so wish I could be there, though. Hopefully another time!

Lara said...

Was this the same pedicure place where we all went when we were in Phoenix? Because the lady there asked me the same thing. None of your beeswax! Get back to rubbing my feet! (Sorry that happened to you.)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I put it on my calendar for your Diamond Jubilee.I am sure the date is open. I should be able to make it but you might have to dress me and get me out the door(Ha hA).

I think you just have to cut all ties with certain people, forgive the insensitive ones for they know not what they say and hold your head up proud and cultivate mature and meaningful relationships.

Thats' all folks

Laura Diniwilk said...

We are birthday twins! However, we are not husband twins, as I kept waiting for you to say Dan drew a penis, and clearly only Justin is that classy.