Monday, January 24, 2011

Fingers and toes are crossed... UPDATE

Well, here's the update on the house situation. We put in an offer on house #3! After looking over the list of other available homes to see on Saturday, Dan and I decided we didn't like the specs or photos of anything as much as we liked house #3. Not to mention, it's in a great neighborhood and would be by far the best investment in the long term. So, we got together with our agent (whom I work with, which is super convenient) and submitted our offer. We feel pretty confident that it's a fair offer, and hopefully they'll take it over the risk of taking the house to auction. The situation on that, by the way, is that they scheduled it to go but hadn't yet committed it for auction and so we had until tomorrow to go for it.

So the wait is on. We requested a response by today at 5pm, and I'm already anxious. Because I work with our agent, she keeps me up to date and I know that the offer has been received and so now we just wait for them to either accept or counter. We're pretty confident they won't counter - we offered full asking price less closing costs, which is pretty standard in today's market. Because the home is owned by Fannie Mae and therefore is sold as is, there are no major things we can ask to be repaired. We just have to hope nothing major comes up in the inspection, and if there is, we decide what we are willing to deal with or pull out. I feel like I say "if" a lot lately.

Of course now, I'm thinking of all the things we somehow didn't think of before, like the fact that we currently own zero appliances. That's a bit of a big one. The good thing is, if we close based on my realtor's projected timeline, we'll have 5 weeks between closing and the end of the apartment lease to get things in order. Not to mention, we have to paint because two of the bedrooms currently look they got vomited on by a Crayola box. No joke. The master is purple and orange (like the Phoenix Suns) and one of the spare bedrooms is bright blue and Christmas frosting green. Yuck. Oddly enough, the entire rest of the house is white, save for bedroom #3, which is a calm, sensible taupe. Go figure.

So please cross your fingers for us!

We spent the weekend being bums, for the most part. We did venture out to buy Dan cowboy boots that he's been wanting. He got a gift certificate from my mom for Christmas and he was excited to finally go pick them out. Then we had dinner and talked about our ideas for our - hopefully - new home. Yesterday we went to Scott and Melissa's. Dan got tattooed while I entertained the kiddos with their new belated Christmas gifts. I played about 4 games of Monopoly with Dawson, and Kadence loved her new baby doll stroller. She probably did 3,475 laps around the living room with her Build-a-Bear, giggling away the entire time. Oh, and the Sing-a-Ma-Jig I was soooo excited to give her? She couldn't have cared less. Bummer.

Your fingers are still crossed, right? :)

UPDATE: After sitting on the market for freaking 150 days, suddenly there's a multiple offer situation, with a deadline of tomorrow at 8am for our best possible offer. Dan and I talked it over and decided we'd already given it. It's hard to think with your brain and not with your heart. I don't want to lose this house, but I did all the math and figured out what each $1K increase in purchase price means for monthly expenses and we decided we're not willing to go higher, considering that this house is already going to cost us some change just to get it move-in ready. Now the waiting is even worse. I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst, yet remain optimistic that hopefully, our offer is still strongest. Cross your fingers tighter, please.


Karen said...

And so are my toes! (ha ha)as if I could cross them! Don't take offense to another cliche - but things do have a way of working out for the best, and they will- Love you!

shana said... exciting! I'm sending good house vibes your way.

The paint reminds me of a story a friend told me when she was house hunting. They went into a normal looking house and the whole first floor was great - everything very neutral and plain. Then they went upstairs where all the bedrooms had been turned into one giant room with black and purple walls and a black carpet and various red drawings on the walls. They ended up not buying that house for other reasons, but she was dreading having to paint over those colors.