Friday, February 25, 2011

...make that 14 days!

Dan (with my apartment-hating support) has decided that we'll just move the Friday after we close on the house.... 2 weeks from today! Eek! The packing began last night. We filled some 8 boxes and took all the art off the walls. Still, it's like there isn't even a dent in what has to be packed up. This is going to be a couple weeks of packing. But the end is in sight. The best part? They need our apartment early for new renters, and since we'll be out by the 13th, our rent will be cut in half. And? And, we don't have to do any cleaning or repaint the walls we painted, because they've somehow decided we're doing them a favor. Woohoo!

Our loan has been fully approved, so we're at the point where I can safely and securely say that this is a go. So, here are some pics of the house from the MLS sites. I can't wait to start doing stuff to our home so that I have Before and After posts.

The street view

Living room with bay window...

... and fireplace

Where the magic happens - this picture doesn't adequately show all my cabinet space

Master bedroom with huge walk-in closet and french door entry - that's a queen size bed, y'all, which means the king we want will more than fit

Patio for entertaining. There's also a place for a fire pit and a built-in BBQ, so we'll have both gas and charcoal grills

It's really happening... excuse me while I squeeee!


electric fireplace inserts said...

That called warm house which I ever dreams. I love the house designs and fireplace design. Is it mantle fireplace?

Shana said...

First...what a great house! I love it. And it looks like it's going to be tons of fun to decorate and settle into.

Second...yay for moving in early. It stinks to have the house there and ready for you, but you are still going back to your yucky apartment every day.

Third...yay for the reduced rent and not having to paint. You'll have enough to do in the new house unpacking and whatnot. for the packing everything. It's a lot of work, but so worth it. A tip...throw a lot of things away. I waited to throw anything away until I was unpacking and then I was like "Why did I bring this box of crap here?" Total wasted effort.

I'm so excited for you!